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  • London
  • John Bell & Croyden 50-54 Wigmore St
    W1U 2AU
  • Mortar & Milk 793 Fulham Road
    SW6 5HD
  • CosmeSurge 51 Harley Street
    W1G 8QQ
  • The Voewood 13 Old Dover Road
    SE3 7BT
  • South East
  • Herb House Spa, Limewood Hotel Beaulieu Rd
    New Forest, Hampshire
    SO43 7FZ
  • The Banwell Clinic McIndoe Surgical Centre
    Holtye Road
    East Grinstead
    RH19 3EB
  • TBC Skin Atelier 17 Crescent Road
    Tunbridge Wells
    TN1 2LU
  • The Float Spa 8 Third Avenue
    BN3 2PX
  • Wick Candle Boutique 120 Portland Road
    BN3 5DN
  • Le Belle Forme 74 London Road
    TN 13 2DN
  • EAST
  • Cranwell House Skin & Beauty Clinic 102 High Street
    Essex CM4 0BA
  • Fox & Feather 43 Gloucester Road
    BS7 8AD
  • Allotment Proctors Farm
    West Monkton
    TA2 8QN
  • Moonflower 13 High Street
    GL5 1AZ
  • Oxford Mill Market Place
    Castle Cary
    BA7 7HG
  • Medizen - The Consulting Rooms Suite A, Astor House
    282 Litchfield Road
    Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield
    B74 2UG
  • Sandersons Boutique Store 6 Joseph Hayward House
    Fox Valley Way
    Stocksbridge, Sheffield
    South Yorkshire
    S36 2AB
  • Sarah Louise Aesthetics 3 Monton Green
    Worsley, Eccles
    M30 9LE
  • Amaranth 19 Bramhall Lane South
    SK7 1AL
  • Discover Laser Crow Wood Leisure
    Royle Lane
    BB12 0RT
  • Showcase Beauty
  • Winternational
  • Prettly
  • Mint Velvet

Europe & Overseas

  • Cosmania Herenstraat 19,
    1015 BZ Amsterdam
  • Mooizo Hilleniussingel 19-21a,
    3054 Ex Rotterdam
  • Babassu - Leiden Nieuwe Rijn 60
    2312 JH Leiden
  • Babassu - Wassenaar Langstraat 13-15
    2242 KJ Wassenaar
  • Babassu - Amsterdam Cornelis Schuytstraat 40
    1071 JK Amsterdam
  • Babassu - Den Haag Dagelijkse Groenmarkt 30
    2513 AL Den Haag
  • Verse 581 Prinsengracht,
    1016 HT Amsterdam
  • Vogesa Sydneystraat 60,
    3047 BP Rotterdam
  • Dutch Injectables Dwarskade 14
    2498 ZA Den Haag
  • Laconicum 28015, Madrid
  • L'Ecorce 349 Rue de l'Aiguille du Fruit Courchevel 1650
  • Planks Clothing - Val D'Isere Val Village
    Val D'Isere
  • Planks Clothing - Tignes Residence Odalys
    Le Rond Point des Piste
    Avenue de la Grande Motte
  • Planks Clothing - Morzine 97 Rue du Bourg
  • Planks Clothing - Meribel Galerie de Climes
  • Mountain Girl Val Village
    Val D'Isere
  • Beyorg Beyond Organic IFC Mall
  • Beyorg Beyond Organic Landmark Central
  • Beyorg Beyond Organic Pacific Place, Admiralty
  • Beyorg Beyond Organic Hysan Place, Causeway Bay
  • Beyorg Beyond Organic Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsiu
  • Beyorg Beyond Organic Elements, Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Beyorg Beyond Organic Festival Walk, Kowloon Tang
  • Beyorg Beyond Organic New Town Plaza, Shatin
  • It's Friday, and we have 10% off & FREE SHIPPING on all @albusandflora SPF30 tinted balms.  Use TINTS10 at the checkout πŸπŸ’•πŸ’„πŸ’•πŸ
Stock up on your favourite shades. Protect your lips daily from UV damage, loss of collagen, premature ageing and wrinkles. Nourish & care for the lips this autumn with our gorgeous botanical oils - raspberry, cranberry, seaberry, avocado, blackcurrant, jojoba, olive, sunflower & grape to name a few 🌿πŸ₯‘πŸ‡πŸ₯‘
NUDE FLORA - a sheer peachy take on nude, compliments all complexions and skins tones. Looks great with fair and darker skin tones alike.⁠⠀
SHEER FLORA - a very subtle hint of colour (don't be fooled by the colour in the bullet), gives a lovely natural sheen to the lip and accentuates your natural lip colour - also great to use over a lipstick or to refresh faded lipstick colour. All time favourite for everyday, school run & at the gym⁠⠀
SNOWBERRY RED - a soft pop of pinky-red colour, sheer for the day and can be layered over lip liner or lipstick for a more intense shade. Looks great on all skin tones and hair colours, and offers a really gorgeous sheen.⁠⠀
MOUNTAIN ROSE - a pretty natural warm pink, great for that less is more make-up look and so easy to wear.⁠⠀
All balms can be worn alone or over the top of a lip stain / liner or lipstick.⁠⠀
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  • Autumn skin - is it misbehaving? Looking a little dull? Want to get a little autumn glow back? ⁠⠀
The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping.... Autumn has officially arrived. ⁠ While cosy jumpers make a welcome return to our wardrobes, the air is becoming drier, the central heating is going on, and that morning or evening run is just that bit harder on our skin. The dry air & wind sucks precious moisture out and the cold-hot-cold cycle can exacerbate rosacea & sensitivity.  Sadly,  Autumn, is not all pumpkin spiced lattes and its not a skincare walk in the the skin tries to adjust to this indoor/outdoor climatic change, it can get a little un-balanced, a little unhappy and can begin to misbehave! It can become dehydrated much more easily and often we start producing more sebum to try to compensate, a little glow is welcome, an oil slick, breakouts and red dry patches are not!!! ⁠⠀
There are some simple changes you might like to try that can really help and we will share over the next few #autumnskin posts.  A good place to start is your CLEANSING regime.⁠⠀
TIP #1: consider changing your micellar, cream or gel cleanser to an oil based one, particularly at night.  I love a cleansing balm that is packed full of botanical oils. It will breakdown SPF, make-up and cut through grime and sebum better than a water based one and the oils will nourish the skin. An oil based cleanser will not make an oily skin oilier, it will balance and hydrate, drier and combination skins also love... The action of massaging the balm in also brings much needed blood flow to the skin (post-exercise glow anyone??) which helps re-oxygenate and detox the skin.  I like an oil based balm that turns to milk when you add water as it is much easier to remove the balm and all the grime with a lovely warm damp flannel.  For an extra nourishing hit to promote that glowy complexion, you can double cleanse, using a little less product.  I often leave that second thin layer of balm on for 10 min while cleaning teeth etc and then remove again with damp flannel. Clean hydrated nourished skin glows! β β €βœ¨πŸβœ¨
  • Thank you to @laraskicom for this gorgeous shot of @albusandflora Sheer Flora, taken in June in the Arctic Circle!  Such a thrill to know our balms are supporting adventures all over the world and exciting to think we were closer to the North Pole than most people will ever be !!! ⁠⠀
The sun doesn't set in the Arctic through the summer months and with daylight 24-7, SPF protection of the delicate lips is a non-negotiable essential. ⁠⠀
UVB rays do reduce in intensity in the Northern Hemisphere through Autumn and Winter, but UVA, which penetrates deeply and can even pass through glass is present all year round come rain or shine! It  increases photo-ageing as well as contributing to the risk of skin cancers - so don't forget to protect your lips with daily UVA & UVB SPF protection through the Autumn and Winter.....⁠⠀
Sheer Flora gives a the subtlest hint of colour, incredibly nourishing and natural in appearance (so don't be fooled with the colour in the bullet). If you fancy stocking up, watch out for the free shipping and 10% discount offer on the website on Thursday, and valid for the rest of October.⁠⠀
  • I love this shot from @stacieswift ⁠and it’s so true. It’s so easy to fill our weeks and weekends with work, chores, family and just generally being busy from the moment we wake till the moment we go to sleep. I have to confess this week Practically every waking hour has been scheduled with some activity. β €
β €
But today.... it’s nearly 3.30pm, it’s raining outside and I’m still in PJs with a cuppa and a face mask on.....listening to the rain and pottering around the house with no particular purpose, and I haven’t even looked at my to do list! Sometimes I think we all need to stop, be ok with doing nothing, to daydream, to just sit and be still, to make time to just be. Take a little time today, for nobody else except you.....boy does it feel goooood! β˜•οΈπŸ’•βœ¨β˜•οΈβ €
β €
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  • Loving the grey tones in this gorgeous shot from @ohgoshem and loving how well used @albusandflora balms are before the new ones arrived!!! β €
β €
I just love how @albusandflora gets to support you all on adventures big and small, and hope some Saturday adventures have been had today πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•! β €
β €
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  • So....its been quite a long time since I have here goes with a little update!⁠⠀
The summer has been incredibly hectic with many exciting changes & developments behind the scenes @albusandflora .... running a brand as a solo beautypreneur and keeping up with social media posts can be a challenge at times (hence the rather big absence this summer from Instagram!) but I thought I would start with a few photos from a recent visit to Hong Kong this summer!⁠⠀
It was fabulous to meet the team @beyorg to carry out some brand training and equally fabulous to see @albusandflora in their beautiful stores! If you are ever in Hong Kong I would highly recommend a visit and I am thrilled to be part of their collection of beautiful natural beauty brands. 😍✨🌿
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