Beauty in small things

Our award winning, high performance SPF30 lip care, blends pure botanicals with modern UVA & UVB filters, to hydrate & protect against sun damage, fine lines & loss of lip fullness, every day.


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Effortless style

Contemporary design & functional simplicity meet beauty. Our aluminium cases protect our botanical balms, and help to reduce plastic waste.

  • Looking forward to getting these back on on again soon.....the snow is falling in Courchevel and my winter home and mountains are definitely calling!! ⠀
#countingthedays #mountainsarecalling #snowisfalling  #winterhome #skiboots #beautifulmountains #mountainviews
  • Beauty in small things :-)⠀
Alpines are such a joy - and are some of the most resilient plants on the planet, withstanding extreme cold and extreme heat, yet so delicate and beautifully small.  They have tremendous strategies to protect themselves against high UV loads and are packed full of anti-oxidants.  It's a great botanical to use to protect our skin, and its why we use Alpine Rose in all our balms. ⠀
Alpine rose also has another little beauty protection benefit...its anti-viral so significantly reduces the likelihood of one of those pesky cold sores rearing their small, but definitely NOT beautiful head, and will reduce the severity of any outbreak and speed up healing. As winter takes hold, and as we push towards Christmas, we often get a little run down and small amounts of UV can easily trigger the virus, often just when we have fun things planned #mortified #ilovegettingacoldsoresaidnobodyEVER⠀
  • It may only be Tuesday but it feels like Friday.....and the kind of Friday that follows the busiest most stressful week.....after the day I have had the only thing to do is to turn the computer off, reset both computer (and my mind) and hope that by tomorrow the number of tabs that have to be open have reduced!⠀
.......This also may have to include a glass of wine! Though of course I will be listening to my skin's advice and will be adding a glass of water or two to that prescription!!⠀
#toomanytabsopen #beautyentrepreneur #womeninbusiness #myheadhurts #albusandflora ⠀
  • It’s been a hectic few weeks, one of the highlights was visiting @britishvogue for a fabulous talk by @mrsrodial @rodialbeauty ! Beautiful flowers, and so exciting to be in the building where such an iconic publication is created! .....and couldn’t help but be ridiculously happy when one of the beautiful, glamorous and oh so chic vogue staff said they loved my dress! .....#smallthings #britishvogue #albusandflora
  • 4th flight in two weeks, this time to Holland, it may not be Friday but I couldn’t resist a glass of Prosecco and a catch up on some reading! New product development will start soon and I cannot wait!
  • Not everything is black and white! Sorry everyone for the lack of posts these last two weeks! It’s been so full on, building a beauty brand is tough but I love it with all my heart and soul, and I am so grateful for the chance to do something I love! I wish I could do everything, all of the time, but sometimes the balance tips and survival through the week, the day, hour and minute is the priority ! 
As my friend @james_adlington once said “remember, what I am doing is super amazing - don’t get stressed out by all the other stuff”.... good advice. Am gonna take a breath and focus on the big picture, reconnect with the dream! 
Here’s to dreams. Dream big everyone 😊 💕✨