ALBUS & FLORA prides itself on using ingredient combinations that protect and provide multi-benefits to your skin



nature has the solutions already

we believe nature already has the most sophisticated solutions to protect and support skin.

as part of our ingredient philosophy we find natural alternatives for many artificial chemicals without compromising quality or performance.

ingredients we do not include and why


    We do not use petrolatum and mineral oil (also known as liquid paraffin) in our products. Both are derived from petroleum, a product of the petrochemical industry and form a good occlusive barrier, preventing moisture loss but they do not allow the skin to breathe and can block pores.   We prefer to use botanically derived oils and emollients that enable moisture exchange, are rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins and are more similar to the skins own sebum.


    We do not use parabens in our products, utilising highly effective natural preservatives in very small amounts instead.


    We do not use propylene glycol in our products. Propylene glycol is a by- product from the petrochemical industry and is used for its moisturising properties. It can however, cause skin irritation and trigger eczema. We prefer to use botanically derived moisturisers.


    We do not use silicones in our skincare products. Silicones are often used in beauty products to create a silky feeling on the skin –  they to do this by forming a fine plastic like film on the surface, which can alter the skins normal processes. On product labels they are listed as dimethicone, dimethicone copolyol or cyclopentasiloxane.


    We do not use sulphates in our products. Sulphates are used as cheap foaming agents, but can cause skin irritation. On product labels they are listed as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLS).


    We do not use phthalates in our products.   Phthalates are often a component of ‘parfum’ and research has demonstrated that they can disrupt hormonal systems and impact on fertility levels. On product labels they may be listed as dibutylphthalate (DBP), dimethylphthalate (DMP), and diethylphthalate (DEP), but legislation does not require them to be listed separately if they are part of ‘parfum’ so it can be difficult to determine their presence.

  • PEG’s

    We do not use PEG’s in our products. PEG stands for Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and can be used as cleansing agents, emulsifiers or surfactants, but widespread testing has found they often contain impurities which can impact on health.

  • TEA

    We do not use Triethanolamine (TEA) in our products. It is used to help blend oil and water soluble ingredients together and to balance pH in cosmetics and personal care products, however can cause skin and eye irritation

  • DEA

    We do not use diethanolamine (DEA) in our products. It is used to improve the consistency of lotions and creams, but can react with other ingredients and form a potent carcinogen called nitrosodiethanolamine (NDEA).


    We only use natural fragrances in our products

no animal testing policy

  • we never test on animals

    ALBUS & FLORA never test on animals and ensure all our ingredients are not tested on animals.  We passionately support an end to all animal testing for skincare and cosmetics.

environmental Policy

  • looking after the environment

    ALBUS & FLORA ensure our natural ingredients are sourced in a sustainable and responsible manner.  We passionately believe in supporting and conserving our planets natural beauty and resources, and seek to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible.

    Our card boxes are 100% recyclable.


  • Snow is falling in the Alps...the countdown is on! Big thanks to @bexsurfs_and_skis for this lovely shot of @albusandflora balms last season in Courchevel.⁠⠀
All our balms have full UVA & UVB SPF30 protection and are suitable for every day and for use at altitude. So if you have any skiing or snowboarding friends and are in need of a little stocking filler inspiration, keep an eye on the website as we will be doing some lovely offer through November and December!⁠⠀
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  • #Autumnskin TIP #3....lets talk about FACIAL OILS....⁠⠀
....and for those that asked about Vit C, check out next week's post :-)⁠⠀
The temperatures are dropping further, the wind is chillier, the central heating is on, sucking moisture from the skin.  Our summer glow seems to have faded and often our skin looks dull..and dull skin is, well lets face it, its just dull!!!⁠⠀
Continuing to support the skins barrier is key and a facial oil can really help increase elasticity, support the barrier and put the glow are a few of @albusandflora tips⁠⠀
1.  Facial Oils can vary enormously in price, you can buy a single oil, or a blend of oils.  I always have a single oil on hand, and you can't go wrong with Rosehip oil,  its easy to use for all skin types. For a more tailored approach for specific skin types I always go for a formula which blends multiple oils, they often give you more bang for your buck, and can really help specific concerns⁠, which is a win-win.⁠⠀
2. Choose plant oils that are hydrating but not comedogenic (will block pores and can cause breakouts), sea buckthorn, camellia, safflower, squalene are good examples (there are many more!). Jojoba is a great base if you have oily skin as it helps balance sebum. Coconut oil is very comedogenic so I would avoid this for your face!!!⁠⠀
3. Do not use mineral oils, they are by-products from the petrochemical industry and can be problematic for skin. Stick to cold pressed plant oils, which have more nutrients, and look for those with Vit A & E.⁠⠀
4. Beware of formulas which are highly fragranced, and if you have sensitive skin be really careful with blends that have a lot of plant essential oils.  Many have fantastic benefits for the skin but can sometimes be a little too strong and can irritate. ⁠⠀
4. Use a few drops of oil at night, as the last step, after serums & moisturisers, or just apply the oils on their own.  Press or massage in. ⁠⠀
photo: Jason Strull
  • The sky has been grey all of today, let's hope we get a little more yellow tomorrow and the sun comes out to play... !!! ⁠⠀
Have a lovely weekend, I can't believe its November!!⁠⠀
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  • Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.....⁠⠀
As we move from Autumn to Winter, nature gives us a final flourish of red, orange and yellow tones before fluttering to the ground, returning once more to the soil. It's a powerful time to reflect on what really matters to you and to let go of things that no longer support or serve you well.⁠⠀ 🍁🍁🍁
I always tend to journal more as the seasons change, it feels somehow,  for me anyway, the best time to reflect on the professional and personal challenges of the last few months and to let go,  in readiness for the new. ⁠⠀
Happy Autumn's end, Happy Halloween, and Happy Journaling everyone!⁠⠀ 🎃👻⁠🎃👻🎃👻🎃
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📷: Debby Hudson
  • We are often asked what Albus & Flora and our logo means....⁠⠀
ALBUS, meaning white in Latin, symbolises the natural purity of our formulations, and the beauty of freshly fallen snow (if only our skin would reflect light that perfectly!)⁠⠀
FLORA, meaning regional plants, and the name of the roman goddess of flowers & spring, symbolises the beauty and wisdom of the botanicals we use.⁠⠀
Our logo is a representation of a four petaled flower, to reflect the seasons of spring, summer, autumn & winter, and the line it traces is continuous to reflect the adventure of life - continuous,  with no beginning or end 😊
#whatinaname #albusandflora #botanicalskincare #cleanskincare #naturehastheanswers
  • Had to share this gorgeous shot from @katiejaneendurance, inspirational adventurer & endurance athlete bringing, as she would say "a touch of pink & girly glamour to adventure". We are thrilled @albusandflora gets to support her on adventures great & small!⁠⠀
We may be heading towards winter but daily UVA & UVB protection for the face and the delicate lips is still as essential as it is in the summer. The levels of UVA do not reduce in strength or amount and are constant all year round. They contribute to premature photo-ageing and increase the risk of certain skin cancers along with UVB. UVA can also travel through glass, so if you are stuck at a desk or in the car instead of being up a wonderful mountain, you still are being exposed to the damaging rays, so protect & support daily.⁠⠀
If you are a keen adventurer or are thinking about dipping your toe in,  I highly recommend you check out @katiejaneendurance and her blog, full of fascinating accounts of her many adventures and challenges and packed full of helpful guides and support. As Katie says on her blog, "through adventure we perpetually learn that ordinary people can do extraordinary things if they can just be bold enough to begin" here's to be being bold, here's to taking a little first step toward anything you want to do, anything you dare to dream and here's to having extraordinary ordinary days 🏔😊🏔⠀
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