modern active skincare for every season

modern versatility

Our lip balm is created to care for and protect your lips year-round. Indoors to outdoors, from summer to winter, on holiday and at home.

A long-lasting, multi-tasking essential – wherever life takes you.

active botanicals

high in the mountains, plants have evolved the strength and resilience to survive extreme environmental stresses and seasonal changes.

when used on the lips, their highly advanced defence mechanisms protect against sun damage, fine lines and loss of fullness.

our unique blend of natural plant oils and extracts ensure lips are healthy and supported for every adventure, large and small.

wonderfully simple

we’ve created a balm that melts into the lips yet cares and protects on every level.

our botanical formula nourishes and hydrates deep down, yet effectively shields lips from the elements with a wonderfully soft, long-lasting emollient layer.


more than just a number

our balms are SPF 30 with full broad spectrum cover to protect and care for delicate lips.

UVB, UVA1 and UVA2 sunscreens work in synergy with an abundance of natural plant UV and infra-red protectants – delivering multi-active defence against the elements for every day, every season.

  • Lots of lovely Naked Flora arriving with our stockists in Hong Kong and Spain this week!⠀
UVA rays are present all year round irrespective of season, and are just as strong and damaging to the skin on cloudy days as sunny days...... but as we move from winter, to spring to summer the strength of UVB rays begins to increase and can cause further damage and result in dry peeling lips. ⠀
If you are off skiing this half term and Easter, it’s worth knowing that the strength of both UVA and UVB increases by 10% with every 1000m climbed - unprotected skin on the face and lips can burn very easily. So make sure you apply broad spectrum UVA/UVB spf30 protection and apply regularly through the day.

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  • Meet Toby, the cutest skier on the hill, and the son of my lovely friends, totally loving the fact he said "my lipstick mummy" a boy after my own heart! ⠀
Never too early to teach good sun & skincare, and with lots of lovely snow, brilliant blue sunny skies and half term skiing just round the corner,  protection against UV damage is key.⠀
Protect the whole family, with our balms which offer full UVA/UVB SPF30, protect against cold sores (which are often activated by high UV loads) and are packed full of natural oils to nourish & hydrate.  Clear for the boys and children and a range of sheer tinted balms for those who like a little shine and colour. ⠀
....and if anyone is looking for a great ski instructor for family, individual or corporate groups then check out Toby’s dad @slideskicoach ⠀
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  • Sneaky little peak at our bespoke make-up bags, available soon! Each one lovingly hand sewn & unique, with a washable, removable liner that sits perfectly within the bag to protect against those annoying yet inevitable make-up spillages! ⠀
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  • Early start today with @_yoga_in_nature_ , a lovely yin yoga session with sound and reiki healing, so nourishing for mind and body, followed by great meetings for a&f and the biggest treat....a Fabulous ski with epic snow, blue skies & great friends ☀️❄️⛷❄️ ☀️⠀
Big shout out to my amazing accounts manager Angie today,  on the left rocking the shades....not only is she brilliant at the numbers, but has been a true friend and supporter of @albusandflora...big love... I am so grateful and so lucky ! 💕✨💕⠀
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  • Finally @albusandflora is back in the Alps, back where it all began and where the brand was born! Its been a few busy weeks what with xmas, new year, packing and relocating the office to France, and I have had a much needed break from social media and emails! ⠀
Am pleased to report its snowing in Courchevel, which makes it much easier to sit at the computer today! ⠀
Happy Monday everyone :-)⠀
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  • Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all our lovely customers, stockists and followers! 🎄🎄🎄
2018 has been an exciting year and we couldn't have done it without your support, a huge thank you to you all! ⠀💕✨💕
Time to re-charge, spend time with family and drink quite a lot of fizz!! 🥂🥂🥂⠀